Downtown – N. St. Clair St.

“I just wanted to take a second and say THANK YOU! The care level in your center isn’t the norm in this industry, at least in my experience. I appreciate you and your staff. I appreciate that they are honest with me when my son has a bad day. I appreciate that they pay enough attention to him to know his routines and mood patterns. I appreciate that they are willing to discuss anything with me and that they print the lesson plan for us. I am very hands on with my son’s learning and passionate about being apart of it, even when I am away working. I can already see improvements in his receptive and expressive speech, as well as his play skills!!! So, thank you, for everything.”
-Kim Huey

“Our children have been attending the downtown branch of Children’s Discovery Center. Their social, verbal, and mental skills have grown considerably thanks to the wonderful teaching staff. The center has allowed us to bring our children to school each day reassured that they were in the best care available. As a result, we have recommended Children’s Discovery Center several times.”
– Mark and Kelly Mondova

“From infants to summer camp, CDC has given our children the opportunity to grow in a loving Christian environment. The teachers have gone above and beyond their job description when caring for our four children. This is evident by our children’s love for CDC.”
– Chad and Denise Plummer

“There is nothing more comforting to me as a parent, knowing that I can leave my children in the best of care and be close enough to be there for them if needed. Working downtown and having my son and daughter so close has been a wonderful and comforting feeling. Children’s Discovery Center has done an excellent job caring for and nurturing our children from 10 weeks of age, toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and straight through to summer camp! One great institution all wrapped up in one! We couldn’t have asked for anything better.”
– The Knauff Family

Franklin Park – Talmadge

“There are so many things I could say about the care my children receive at Children’s Discovery Center, Talmadge. It feels good leaving my children in a place where I know they feel safe and, most importantly, loved. They love learning and are always excited to go to school. They actually are disappointed on our “stay home days.”
– Tomica and Lamar Livingston

“As a working mother, I wanted to find a center that would love and nurture my child in my absence. The compassion extended to my son, his father, and me is so truly genuine that I know in my heart he is at the right place for his child care and education!”
– Nancy Chesick

“During my second trimester with Brianna, we visited many daycares. This one came out on top due to the structure and the religious parts the school had to offer. I continue bringing my children to CDC because of the love and happiness I see in their eyes each day I drop them off.”
– Amy Bee

Holland - Wolf Creek

“Our son has so much fun that many times he doesn’t want to leave when it is time for us to pick him up at the end of the day. Children’s Discovery Center has been a huge positive influence on his overall development. Based on our experience, we would strongly recommend Children’s Discovery Center to parents looking for a high-quality care provider for their child.”
– Bernice Kachur

 “My son is now in first grade. He is at the top of his class in both reading and math. He has been nominated for a character award for responsibility. Without a doubt, some of this is just who he is. And, without a doubt, much of this is due to his early childhood experience at Children’s Discovery Center. I couldn’t be more proud of him, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the positive experience he has had while at CDC. My daughter, Amanda, will enter kindergarten next year. I have absolutely no doubt that she will do equally as well.”
– Holly M. Wahl

 “In a day and age when the world around us is so demanding and we cannot embrace our girls every minute of the day, we are so grateful that there is Children’s Discovery Center – a place where children are safe, loved, taught, and cared for the same way we as parents cherish our own kids.”
– Lisa and Tony Babich

Perrysburg - Avenue Rd

“I have been bringing my children to CDC for nearly eight years. There are many reasons that my children still attend. For starters, the staff is always happy, courteous, and willing to please. I have great comfort in knowing that while I am at work, my children are getting great, tender loving care, and I will continue to let CDC nurture my children when I cannot.”
– Nicole Zam

“After weighing and analyzing all of our options, we chose Children’s Discovery Center in Perrysburg. It was the best decision we made for both our children and us. We would – and have – recommended CDC to anyone looking for a reliable, loving and consistent environment for their children. Our children absolutely love coming to Children’s Discovery Center.”
– Jamie Slee

Perrysburg – Harbor Town Place

“Scott and I are extremely happy with the quality of care and service provided to our sons by Harbor Town Place staff. The teachers have a complete understanding of their personal and educational needs. Each night we review their “report cards” and talk about the activities they engaged in during the day. It makes us feel like we are truly on this educational journey together. We couldn’t ask for more in jump starting their schooling!”
– Scott and Kam Warner

 – Dutch Rd.

“We absolutely love CDC. Since the first day that our oldest son started, we’ve felt that our children were in good hands. CDC has made us feel as though we are a part of the family. We are constantly impressed with the staff and their attention to us and our children’s needs. The personal touch at CDC is simply amazing.”
– Suzan and Mark Johnson

“I knew from the moment I walked in that this was a different and very special place. Thanks to their very high retention, we have known a majority of the Waterville staff for over seven years. I consider many of them dear friends, and part of our family. When we made our choice so many years ago, we never could have imagined what a truly wonderful experience we would have and what a perfect choice it was for our family.”
– Jerry and Lisa Stephens

“Children’s Discovery Center gives us peace of mind every day, and we feel so lucky to have found such a wonderful place for our kids. Our daughters have been with CDC since they were infants, just 8 weeks old. We knew then that CDC was different. We liked CDC’s experience with multiple locations, the policies and standards they had developed, as well as how clean and organized the center was.”
– Bob & Brooke Moser